Editorial Philosophy

  IUC Management Review is an international journal dedicated to advancing all aspects of management practice, research, and theory. We welcome contributions in any field of management. We will consider submissions from authors at various stages of their academic or professional career, yet we are especially desirous of publishing excellent studies by young PhD and Master programmes graduates who are making their first steps in the academic world.

   We expect empirical articles with simple quantitative analyses. Theoretical reviews are also acceptable even though they are not our first choice. Since management is a social function that cannot be dissociated from the other domains of society, we are particularly keen on interdisciplinary articles, for instance on the interface between management and culture, politics, or philosophy. 

   All articles should be written in clear and correct English. We will not provide substantial language editing. Remember that we aim for a very broad audience, including managers and professionals in a variety of professions, as well as students and young graduates, not all of whom will be fully familiar with a highly technical jargon.  

In principle, submissions will be accepted for publication or rejected within a month of reception. A longer period may be necessary for articles that require elaborate reviews by experts in the respective narrow field. The reviewing process is double blind.

   We will not tolerate any forms of plagiarism, data fabrication, political partisanship or other unethical behavior. Authors who commit any serious ethical offense will forever be denied access to the journal.  

   The technical requirements for the submitted manuscripts can be seen in Manuscripts.